Anxious About Receiving Dental Care? Oral Sedation Dentistry Is The Answer...

Most people have heard about Nitrous Oxide, otherwise known as "laughing gas" to help ease the stress and anxiety when receiving dental care. However, with the latest advances in pharmaceuticals, patients now have an alternative that can also help before, during, and after treatment.

Sometimes known as "Sleep Dentistry", or "Twilight Dentistry", Oral Sedation Dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs, taken orally, which can reduce patients fear and anxiety before, and during dental procedures.

If you have a generalized fear about seeing a dentist, or have had prior dental trauma or dental anxiety, oral sedation dentistry could be a good option for you. Oral Sedation Dentistry has been known to help reduce the dental procedure memory and the sedative effects to allow more dentistry to be completed in fewer appointments.

Dr. Franke will review the various dental sedation options available with you at the time of your appointment to help ensure your comfort during any procedure.

So don't let your dental fear stop you from getting the smile you want. Contact us today.