How Dr. Franke, Can Transform Your Stained, Chipped, And Overly Spaced Teeth Into a Beautiful Permanently White Smile in Only 2 Visits...

Did you know your entire smile can be transformed in only 2 painless visits? Well, it's true. Dr. Franke has taken extensive training in Lumineers® the advanced veneer technology that can literally transform your smile without shots, drilling, or pain.

Unlike traditional tooth veneer preparation that require shots to numb the area because your teeth have to be irreversibly shaved away with a drill to accommodate the veneers, Lumineers require no such preparation. In fact, with Lumineers on your first visit, a special (and completely painless) precision mold is made of your teeth so the Lumineers can be precision crafted to fit your teeth perfectly.

On your next visit to Dr. Franke, he will prepare your teeth for the placement of the Lumineers - but there is no removal of sensitive teeth structure. The Lumineers are bonded to your natural teeth and set in place with a curing light... and that's it. No potentially painful after effects like traditional veneers.

And the best part is, unlike traditional veneers where your original teeth have been shaved down - your original teeth stay intact. Plus, Lumineers are reversible - traditional veneers are not.

With Lumineers, stained, chipped, and unsightly wide gapped spaces will be gone in only two painless visits. Dr. Franke is among of a select group of dentists that has received special advanced training in Lumineers. He can transform your smile right here, in his Dana Point office.

Call us today and schedule a no obligation Lumineer Consultation with Dr. Franke.